Now blog.

Now is the time to get started. Now is the time to do it,

whatever it is. You really only have this moment. You think you will have another moment, another time, another chance to do something, but when you get to that point, then it will be now! Will you be able to recognize that time for what it is when it is the moment you are in? Do you really recognize today as yesterday’s tomorrow or tomorrow’s yesterday?

Baby Helper

mY SON just deleted the last three epiphany sentences that I just wrote. That is the kind of stuff that would make me want to stop and try to pick another time. No time is going to be better or more convenient than any other moment.

I thought that I would start blogging when my son started to need me less. What, am I going to wait until he is 18 years old, 14, 10? At those times, when that is now, then I will have another reason to not start. Probably because I didn’t start now. Basically, every moment since he was born, he has needed me less and less.

My son really likes when I type on the computer. He likes to help do everything. While I’m typing, he’s trying his best to beat the keyboard and help. He’s so sweet. We will figure this out. This will work great.

Blogging is my calling!

With blogging, I get to teach, write, and do whatever I want. Those are the top three qualities in a career that I always wanted!  I need to work on writing in my voice in a way that doesn’t confuse you, my dear reader. A lot of people really get me, some people get lost in what I’m saying.

I need to work on writing so that you can follow along, understand, learn, not get confused, and you still get my bad jokes, lol!

“Pick your niche!”

Everyone who insists on me blogging says that I need to pick a subject. That has been my biggest roadblock. I need to be able to blog about everything that I’m doing and every think that I have. I have so many interests, hobbies, and daily activities that if I picked one, then so much would be neglected. To start, I need to be able to tell you about anything. Then, we can dial in on what interests you.

When will I find the time?

I will have to make the time. I will have to steal a few moments during Sesame Street and whenever possible. I’ll have to keep my computer open and write when I get a chance. I have the app on my phone so I can write when the mode strikes away from the laptop. What I can’t do is spend every free thought pre-writing blog posts. I did that before and it 1. drives me nuts and 2. doesn’t actually help get the posts written, just make me feel worse because I mentally wrote the post and never actually typed it out.

My tough question – Will I edit, or will I publish after I write?

I have a bachelors degree in English. On one hand, I know my first draft writing is not horrible. On the other hand, I know not to publish anything without proofreading, and I can’t proofread without editing. The only reason I ask is that, if I feel the need to edit, the post will not be published now and that “now” may not come back around.

Hey, do you know what I mean? What do you think?