Baby Belly Help

When I was pregnant, people, everyone treated me differently. I recognized at the time that people were more willing to help me do anything. I didn’t really like it. I knew this was special treatment because I was pregnant.

Lately, as I look in the mirror of what’s left of my baby belly, I wonder if I should just keep it, pretend I’m still pregnant, so I can see more people being helpful.

I despised the help when I was pregnant, because I felt these people were insincere in their help. I wondered if these people would notice me struggling and help, if I wasn’t pregnant, probably not.

Once I realized, they were helping my unborn baby, I was able to accept their help with less hesitation. But now, with a screaming 2 year old, it seams most people just want me to get on with it and they leave me alone. So weird.

I feel like, I’ll keep the belly and wear the maternity clothes on days when I need to see the good nature in strangers. Just treat everyone like they’re pregnant. Everyone possesses the ability to create and carry, so why treat them as if they deserve less.

Open the doors for people with their hands full. I mean, really, that’s all.


Now, I have the time to write, but what was I going to say! All day, the thought, ‘to write that down when I get the first chance’ ran through my head. My hands were generally wet when these thoughts came through.


My hands were wet because I spent the day wiping my son’s face from a cold he got last weekend, and doing dishes, and cleaning our stuff as I unpack it into our new place.

I want to go into detail of this dream I had. But a quick recap may be sufficient. Thanks for auto-correct, sometimes. Maybe always.

I dreamed I read a bumper sticker that said, “Be the Lighthouse through which the Love of God shall Shine.” I really could write about 750 words off the top of my head about this.

But now, the time is 1.5 hrs after I should be asleep. I still need to tend to the sick baby. I’m exhausted. This will all reflect on my writing…as you can see it is.

I believe dreams are important for me to see what’s important in my life. I haven’t been dreaming like I was when I was pregnant and well rested. I think one big piece of remembering dreams, is to be able to recall all you can when you wake up.

If you have to get up and start doing immediately, and you don’t have time just to be first thing, then it’s easier to forget your dreams. If you don’t get enough sleep, then it’s easier to forget your dreams.

To remember your dreams, ask yourself, first thing when you wake up “did you have sweet dreams?, what did you dream about?”

I need to remember, I can even ask myself these questions when I need to get up and get going right away.

The washing machine is beeping. The baby is poking me. I’m not making anywhere near the point I wanted to.

Boy oh boy. Have a great night.

Publishing pre-edit. Otherwise, it’ll get lost in the unpublished drafts list that I skipped past to write this.

I mean, let’s face it. I’ll never have a chance to go back. There will always be something more, new, different to do, write, be in the future.

Now, the washing machine beeping is too much. There has to be a way to turn that bidness off.

Do you know? I’d love any type of reply. Anything you feel like spitballing off your fingertips. 😘😊💓

bug-repealing plants

I don’t want to use pesticides. Even if they did work, they poison everything around them. So far, this is the best I’ve found:

Seriously, now.

I want to start blogging. I think every entry in every blog I’ve ever written had that included in it some where.

How would you like to follow my journey to creating a blog? I hope you would like it fine, because you already are.

I’m writing this entry on my phone while laying in the bed with my 19 month old baby. He just hit me in the he’d while I wrote the last sentence and while I am writing now. I want to write. How do you write whev you are bring hit and need to address the issue

It makes me angry at him, at blogging, at myself.

Why aren’t these posts showing up on my blogmdm?!?

This is a test.

I have been having some technical issues with blogging. It seems like every little thing wants to stand in my way.

I hope this saves!

The last time I used this phone app to write a post, the images uploaded after about 20 hours and my post was severely cut.


I spent a long time trying to figure where my post went the next morning. I wasted at least four times the amount of time it took me to write it in the fist place.

My son was watching Sesame Street while I waited. We love Sesame Street over here!

Hoping for the best.

I was able to write and post a blog, more or less in my sleep a week ago. I feel like it should always be that easy. I probably shouldn’t over-think it.

Short and simple.

….just on case it doesn’t save.

How are you today?

Up too late

I’m going to start blogging and posting everyday. Even if I have to do it in the bed after the boys go to sleep, like right now.

I have to get better at blogging. I have to get better at navigating this word press stuff. I need to dial in my voice and content. I do think my blog should be as random as I am.

I know that I can do great things. I know I can achieve my dreams, support my family, and live a long prosperous life.

For now, I may also sleep. Good night. Sweet dreams.

This is what I get when I ‘share’

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