Epistolize – verb – to write a letter; to write a letter to

I’ve been feeling a strange feeling to epistolize people of YouTube, Flickr and Instagram who have inspired me to create with my sewing machine, knitting needles and camera. I’ve been feeling the urge to epistolize actresses who’ve played roles that encouraged me to be who I am. I didn’t. I don’t know why. I have this overwhelming feeling of non-existing self-worth.  Why would anyone care what I say?



Tenebrific – adjective – producing darkness

I burned a pan yesterday when I forgot I was heating water for pasta and left the room. Today I have to clean the TENEBRIFIC oil from the pan; it’s cooked in.

I was awoken at 2:00 this morning by TENEBRIFIC smoke coming from my downstairs neighbor that set off my smoke detector.


Here’s what’s weird: Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day has related to my life every day since I started following it on their app. I’ll show you what I mean…

A noun meaning the use of an unnecessarily long or roundabout form of expression.

Here’s the relation: Today, I’m working on my social platforms, like this blog page, my about.me page, my Etsy shop and more. I’m trying my best to transcend what the world should know about me without too much PERIPHRASIS. It’s a fine line for a chatty, socialite like myself.

Another relation: When describing Dictionary.com’s correlation with my life, I decided to use an example instead of a PERIPHRASIS.